Vadtal Activities

The Vadtal Swaminarayan Sanstha is a registered and reputed Charitable Trust in India. The Vadtal swaminarayan Sanstha is an organization within the Swaminarayan Faith which propagates the preaching and teaching of Lord Swaminarayan.

The organization believes in serving society through religious and social activities. The Vadtal Swaminarayan Sanstha has been making rapid strides in building mammoth spiritual, socio-cultural, and educational institutions based on the ideals, teaching, and philosophy of Swaminarayan. Multifaceted activities in areas like social, cultural, educational, religious fields are carried out by the organization under the philosophy propagated by supreme lord Swaminarayan.

As part of its medical activities, the organization runs charitable medical clinics, diagnostic and donation camps, and mobile medical vans in rural areas. It also actively organizes anti-addiction drives against tobacco and alcohol abuse.

Pro-environmental actions such as tree planting, and socio-hygiene awareness among the citizens.

The organization has been active in rural areas in Gujarat, working at justifying social, educational and economic disparities. It also engages actively in awareness campaigns and common assemblies to remove addictions and superstitions.

Future Projects

  • Divine Museum
    Museum of Things and article graced by Lord Swaminarayan Himself. (Prasadi ni Vastu). Approx Cost of Project 40 Cr. Estimated Time for Complition of Project : 2 To 3 Years