Everybody loves happiness, tries to get in and one gets it. But it does not last long. So question is "What is the source of ever-lasting happing ? What should be an ideal way of life for that?"

One can have all the answer to these questions through sahajANAND - an English Magazine, quarterly published by Swaminarayan Temple, Vadtal.

The literature of Swaminarayan way of life is as vast as the biggest iceberg. What we see in prubt is only a microscopic part of what has been written by the then saints who wew contemporary to Bhagwan Swaminarayan.

A Sanskrit Verse says :

Infinite are the scriptures, infinite are the branches of knowledges, Life-span is too short, And many are the obstacles, So, follow only the essence.

Like the swan that separates milk from water !

And that is what we have planned for this magazine. This magazine will always strive to project the teaching of Loard Swaminarayan. The pages of this magazine will contain various articles on ethics, logic and spirituality which will answer to the queries of readers across all age groups.

You are the most important link in this noble work. So we want you to be up and doing, write and send whatever you deem fit for inclusion in this magazine, and help this noble cause in your own way. we want you to be a precious part of this magazin

So our dear reader! Make the best use of your pen and paper and please write to us your opinion about this magazine, your good wishes, constructive suggestions and even your 'blow hots', which hold utmost importance for us. Let us make a divine tryst through the pages of this magazine.

Jay Swaminarayan!

Chief Kothari Shri
Shre Swaminarayan Temple - Vadtal

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